Be the game with the newest JBL Quantum!

July 11, 2022

The EPIC gaming headphones from JBL just got their selection a lot wider!

JBL Quantum series has always pride itself with how they carry the JBL Signature Sound into the gaming-sphere, and how these gaming peripherals will give you the best advantage in the playing field. (pun intended 😉)

This time, JBL Quantum added two (2) items in their selection. Now, we make it INNOVATIVE.

Introducing the JBL Quantum 610 

It's time to level up with the JBL Quantum 610 Wireless! JBL QuantumSURROUND delivers a fully immersive experience, and the 50mm drivers powered by JBL QuantumSOUND SIGNATURE make every moment epic, whether you're on a stealth mission or in the heat of a massive battle. 

Your voice will sound loud and clear with the flip-up boom mic, and you can plot and strategize with your team on DISCORD, Skype, and TeamSpeak. Enjoy longer gameplay with 40 hours of battery life, or plug in for endless sessions with the USB charging cable. 

And did we mention it is wireless? Lossless of 2.4GHz wireless, to be exact! 

Check it out here to get the product.

Another new to the game innovation by the JBL Quantum Series is the JBL Quantum Stream.

Want to be a versatile gaming content creator? This is the microphone for you! Make your gaming, streaming, and conferencing amazing with its high sampling rate and 14mm dual condenser that will ensure your voice will always come through loud and clear with zero background noise—or switch back and forth between pick-up patterns when you do want to capture the sounds around you. 

Need a quick break? Mute and unmute with the tap of a button and an RGB ring indicator will change color, so you'll always know when you can be heard. Wherever you are, three setting options and a reversible stand make it easy to mount your microphone however you want for simple, seamless plug-and-play communication.

It’s durable and comfortable design makes it the best portable microphone with maximized usage. Click here to have it.

JBL is ever growing and always innovating. Follow us on all our social media to get updated all the time!

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