Benefits of buying AUTHENTIC JBL products!

October 30, 2021

Here is why you SHOULD buy AUTHENTIC JBL products:

Are you wondering why JBL products are more expensive in our JBL Stores - whether on-site or online? One of the many answers to that is, JBL Stores gives you an assurance that the items you’re receiving are AUTHENTIC JBL products. On top of that,  your device is entitled to be under warranty under JBL Concept Store’s care.

Ever since the pandemic started, statistics show a huge increase in online fraud which includes online shopping scams. Many people have been fooled online by a number of unauthorized sellers, by selling them counterfeit products, by not honoring the warranty, and more.

Let’s talk about the 3 reasons to buy authentic JBL products from authorized sellers of JBL.

  • Good Deal or Waste of Money?
    • Before you purchase the product, stop and think if it really is a good deal or just a waste of money. If the price of the item is too good to be true, don’t expect it to have the same quality as the authentic one. It may be cheaper than purchasing from authorized sellers, but you also have to consider that the quality of the item is compromised. Counterfeit items show the lack of craftsmanship, detail, and quality of the appearance of the item, and the sound.

  • Avoid getting scammed
    • Many online sellers promote their items as authentic, just to scam online shoppers. There are several ways to prevent buying from the wrong store. A few ways are the following: 
    1. Identify if the price is too good to be true. (ex: The SRP of the JBL Clip 4 is 3,549 PHP. You saw someone online selling a brand new “authentic” Clip 4 for around 500 - 1000 PHP. Distinguish if it is too good to be true.)
    2. Check if the product listing has reviews with comments and media. This will help you gain peace of mind if the seller is offering authentic or counterfeit products - through the experience of others.
    3. Consider the payment options that are being offered by the seller. If you do consider purchasing from the store despite the price being too good to be true, and if they have no reviews, use the COD payment option so that you can return if it is deemed to be fake upon arrival, or there is assurance that you will receive the product before you pay.

  • Don’t support crime
    • The act of selling counterfeit products is illegal. By purchasing from the company that sells counterfeit, you are basically supporting them. Another effect of supporting these types of sellers is that some people lose their jobs from companies that sell authentic products. Fewer sales = Fewer jobs for those who actually innovate the products.

    When you purchase items from the JBL Concept Store, you receive assurance that you are receiving authentic items that are made with love and care. Authentic JBL items are made with excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ensured to provide you with a legendary listening experience.

    We stand behind the products that we sell. So buy JBL products from the JBL Concept Store today!

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