Is your JBL original? - Avoid Counterfeits

November 27, 2018

Get the Full Musical Experience - Avoid Counterfeits


The JBL Experience

For over 70 years, JBL has been producing products that meet and exceed customers’ expectation through its expertise in sound technology. JBL is well-known by many music enthusiasts because of the precise, naturally-articulated sound and the pure bass that JBL products offer. The JBL name is not only known for their extraordinary sound but also known for their tough rugged speakers that are made with only high-quality materials. JBL manufactures consumer products such as multimedia speakers and headphones and also professional speakers used in studios, cinemas, churches, and many more.



Due to the popularity, just like any other popular brands, JBL is subject for counterfeiting. Some individuals are taking advantage to earn money sacrificing consumer experience and affecting the brand’s reputation through their counterfeits.


Spotting Counterfeit JBL Products


Authentic JBL Products only have high-quality packaging. This is to ensure that the product you buy is safe from tampering, mishandling and product exchange. Authentic JBL packaging has:

  • High Resolution Textured Prints
  • Serial Number
  • Barcode sticker
  • Brand fine-print
  • Compliance Icons


Authentic JBL products are made with precision; It has high-quality materials, dimensions and branding that can never be fully-counterfeited easily. Authentic JBL products have:

  • Flushed power buttons vs. sticking out power buttons of JBL Counterfeits
  • JBL Logo is embedded within the speaker grill vs. logo sticking of the speaker grills of JBL Counterfeits
  • JBL wired headphones have orange lining on the 3.5mm jack
  • Just like the packaging, JBL has the Serial Number and the Compliance codes printed or engraved on it
  • JBL products are made only with rugged materials that is easy to spot vs. JBL Counterfeits’
  • JBL products have flat-wired charging cables


Here are some examples of Counterfeit JBL Products:



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