JBL Store’s Guide to Content Creation at Home

June 26, 2020

JBL Store's Guide to Content Creation at Home

Content creation is a highly competitive market. Luckily, you won’t need a lot of technical knowledge to produce a #legendary content. All you need are the right equipment - and what we have in store is perfect for you. Check out our hand-picked content creation audio equipment that won’t hurt your wallet.

USB External Microphone

If you have an amazing vlog content in mind, your smartphone’s camera quality may let you get away with that, but not its audio quality. You need an external microphone that will surely complement your video along the way.

AKG Lyra

AKG Lyra is the perfect mic to get you off the ground. It features Ultra-HD 4K audio resolution with minimal compression, which lets you produce crystal-clear audio in 4K videos.

AKG Lyra has a 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring of what’s being recorded.
It also uses USB connection for all types of user skills. Just simply plug it into your computer and you’re ready to go. No external equalizer or mixer needed!

Studio Headphones

Having comfortable studio headphones should be on your list as a content creator. These are very helpful if you want to know where to tweak your sound and lets you focus on hearing everything without distortion and external noise.


AKG K72 has 40mm large drivers and closed-back design which reproduces the full sonic range from deep bass to airy highs. It also features a self-adjusting headband, which is comfortable especially for long hours of editing. The earcups are also replaceable which helps maximize the lifespan of the AKG K72.

Rated 5 stars by What Hi-Fi? We can assure you that this item delivers more than its price tag.

Reference Speaker Monitors

If you want to take music production, vlogging, and other related content creation seriously, then you might want to consider getting a good pair of reference monitors because they will give you a good picture on what your music will sound like.

JBL 104

Getting yourself a pair of JBL One Series 104 reference monitors will let you hear things accurately in your home studio. It features an innovative coaxial driver design and contoured low-frequency port, and reproduces frequencies from 60Hz to 20kHz which is a powerful function for its size.

JBL One Series 104 are sleek, powerful, budget-friendly reference monitors which will make a good addition to your home studio workstation.

We hope that this guide helped you in kick-starting your passion and career for content creation. Be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for more updates about our products. Kindly sign-up for our newsletter or join our Viber community for the latest news!

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