Summer-tastic promos to be summer ready!

April 26, 2022

Summer-tastic promos to be summer ready!

April is ending and May is on the way! After all the Holy Week festivities, the weather these days is perfect for outings, beach trips, and road trips. Whether you’re going up North or going down South, we have to savor the summer.

What are the ways to savor the summer though? Here’s a list for you so you can get every ounce of that summer heat and breeze.


1. Have a picnic with your friends.

You can even dress up and have a proper tea (can be double meaning if you want to) time by the afternoon. You could get Instagram-able pictures in the process too!

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2. Be a tourist in your own city

You get so used to the same buildings, same roads, that you take during your mundane days. Try to go someplace new, take other roads, and you may be surprised at how you can fall in love again with your surroundings.

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3. Go to the beach

This is the most basic way of savoring the summer. But try going to other beaches in unpopular provinces. (Quezon, Cagayan, Mindoro, Sorsogon, and many more!) They are also good getaways to unwind and unplug for a while.

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4. Join hiking or trekking groups

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, having people who are going through the same trail as you is comforting and challenging. Most hiking trips do end up in a river bath or waterfalls swimming so you get that relief at the end.


5. Go camping and build a bonfire.

Not only do you get in tune with your instincts and nature, but you also get to surround yourself with music, chatter, and fun people! Build a bonfire too for the best ambiance to get you toasty while out in the woods.

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Truly savor the summer by bringing in the best buddy on trips. MUSIC! Blast on your favorite playlist with some JBL speakers. Good thing because we have a sale on all of our platforms. If you are a fan of our Shopee or Lazada, this one is for you!


These are the rundown of the promos we have!


📌 Shopee 5.5 Opening Sale (April 26-27)

📌 Shopee Payday Sale (April 28-30)



📌 Lazada Men's Festival (April 25-27)

📌 Lazada Sulit Sweldo Deals (April 28-30)


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