Tips to Avoid Counterfeit JBL Products

March 11, 2023

Counterfeit products and online scams have proliferated nowadays. To avoid getting scammed and splurge on a product you know that is not genuine, here are some ways that can help you avoid fakes and have peace of mind when buying your next JBL products!

Compare those prices

If the price is too good to be true, always compare. JBL products are fairly priced. Compare it to the SRP provided, if the price is too far off then stay away.

Check the reviews

Reviews are a good source of information about the product experience, though we should be keen on looking at reviews. Some reviews are unfair or lack information, we should know how to identify real, honest reviews for the product so we can separate the good from the bad.

Listen to the sound quality

If you are looking for products in store, you can always check the sound quality, JBL products are a standard for good audio experience.

Look if the product exists

Don’t get fooled! some products out there that counterfeiters sell doesn’t even exist, check for JBL product catalog.

Inspect defects

Logo not embedded, falling off, different color. That’s just some things that you should stay away from in order to have peace knowing you have authentic JBL products.

Leave doubt behind, buy from authorized dealers

Purchase from an authorized dealer, avoid the risk of getting a fake and have a peace of mind while listening on your brand new, original JBL headphones or speakers!
Check out authentic JBL products here JBL Store Locations - JBL Store PH
When you purchase items from the JBL Concept Store, you receive assurance that you are receiving authentic items that are made with love and care. Authentic JBL items are made with excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ensured to provide you with a legendary listening experience.

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