July 04, 2022


JBL has been around for more than 70 years and we are known to deliver exceptional products that every Filipino loves. We have brought you vivid-sounding speakers, all-around earphones, and even strong gaming headphones, and now a wireless microphone! 

Over the years, counterfeit JBL products ran rampant but, we are here to ease your worries. An investment such as JBL should never fail on these simple things, especially we are known for our vibrant bass. Additionally, think about the warranty!  😉

Here are the key points where you should doubt that the JBL product you want to buy online or in person is a counterfeit:

  • Like any counterfeits, products are being sold at drastically low prices.
  • Counterfeits have diminished quality which the authentic will NEVER have since JBL prides itself in high quality materials in our design.
  • The cosmetic details are not consistent with authentic JBL products such as logo placement, box inconsistencies, and so much more.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these key points.

Tip #1 - Price

Original JBL products are transparently priced to reflect its high build quality and one-of-a-kind listening experience. 

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Tip #2 - Reviews

A spike in reviews within a short time is also a warning sign that the reviews are fake.

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Tip #3 - Sound

Only original JBL products produce epic sonic experiences.

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Tip #4 - Knockoffs

Counterfeiters have been selling knockoff models that JBL doesn’t even produce.

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Tip #5 - Defects

Always inspect the product you are buying from a shop.

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Tip #6 - Authorized Dealers

For your peace of mind, always buy from an authorized dealer.

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We hope that eases your worries. For an in depth cosmetic comparison, you can check it out here.

JBL Store and all JBL Concept Stores nationwide are authorized sellers of JBL. So don’t worry. We got your JBL for you!

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