October 13, 2022


World Smile Day has run each year since 1999, it attempts to spread joy and lift other people’s spirits, and even on your own, you can think of ways in which you can spread smiles with the people around you!

  • Call your family or friends and ask them how their lives are going. A simple call can brighten someone’s day. 

  • Turn up the music and enjoy dancing with your friends, colleagues or even your family! Dancing helps our minds relax, unwind and it can share a laugh or two! 

  • Watch or browse some funny videos on your phone with someone and share a good laugh!

  • And also, you can go on a trip and explore while listening to your favorite jam! Waking up is better if you start it with a smile, always choose good days, let’s brighten our smiles and keep spreading the good vibes! 😊